Quitting job without notice? ..Think again

After a long and restless job search, now it’s time to celebrate your success, your new job offer. Sounds exciting as well as soothing. Isn’t it? Of course, for anyone who has been on a job hunt, nothing can be as overwhelming as the offer letter for a new job. But there is a phase between quitting your current job and joining the new employer, it’s called Notice Period”. There are times when employees are reluctant to serve notice period and want to move to the new job as early as possible. The reason can be any but is it worth quitting your job without serving notice period? Let’s discuss.

When you resign ,Notice Period gives employer a chance to work on negotiations with you (it often works for your benefit) or to hire a replacement without getting the work affected. Still if you want to leave without serving required notice, an employer cannot stop from leaving but yes, it can take measures to compensate for its loss incurred in the process. Also, not following company’s exit policies and guidelines can affect your prospective employments in certain ways. Here’s how.

Loss of Money 

Your employment conditions states clause where if any of the party (employer or employee) ends the term of employment, it is bound to give prior notice. Failure to serve notice period by any party imposes monetary and legal obligations on the respective party.  When you leave without notice period, employer is no more liable to pay your due salary, perks, incentives, allowances, statutory deductions, payment of unused vacation time etc.

No Relieving letter or Experience certificate will be issued

As experience certificate might take time to get processed, employers issue a Relieving Letter on the exit day of employee stating that he has been released from his duties and responsibilities with the current employer.  These certificates are essential records of your employment and are issued only in cases of smooth exit.

Non-eligibility for rehire

If you are leaving an employer without notice you are losing your chances to work again with that employer in future on better assignments and roles. This is because the employer might tag you “not eligible for rehire” in its records.

Employment checks and Reference checks

While hiring a new employee, employers conduct a check on his previous employment history. These checks validate not only your employment dates but also your performance and behavior on job, status of your pending dues & settlement as well as the nature of your exit (resignation, termination etc). These employment checks also request your rehire eligibility status from past employers.

Negative reputation

With the growth of social media and sites like LinkedIn, it has become easier for people as well as employers to snoop into your professional circle. Any negative remark on theses social sites can make people doubt your credibility.

There is no doubt to the fact that there are situations where it is sometimes difficult to serve notice period like illness, family circumstances or personal loss. Employers are often willing to help a departing employee under these situations. But for other situations, like in case when the new employer is not willing to give you sufficient joining time to complete your prior commitments and wants you to join early , all you have to do is – negotiate. A healthy negotiation with current employer might give you relaxation or reduction in your notice period days and likewise a health negotiation with new employer will help you have sufficient time to settle things with current job. Employers also give early release or waive-off notice period if  it is planing to remove the position or  the  job role is not too critical, it saves their money.


All the Best for your new job  !


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  1. Hi
    I have been working in a company for a year and I wanted to quit job due to work pressure but my employer dint approve my resignation and asked me to wait for 3 months so in frustration I had to walk out of the company without serving notice period .
    So the company withheld my salary and after a month they did full and final settlement and provided me experience letter as well as remaining salary..
    I just need to know can I show this experience letter in other company?

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