Cross-training benefits for HR

Have you recently been given a cross-training assignment which you are feeling reluctant about? Don’t be, just go for it…else you might miss a growth opportunity.

Cross-training is not an alien concept today.  Various studies and researched have proved that Cross-training offer multi-fold benefits to employer as well as employees; it has its own side-effects though. When Cross training is good for any position in any industry, the practice offers great benefits for HR professionals. I joined my second job as Talent Management Executive. A few months into the job, I was asked to work with Hiring team.  We had a new project from Momentive Performance Material  (now Momentive )and recruitment was to be done at large scale.  I was in great confusion; after all, I wasn’t hired for that role. Still I showed no reluctance and started working on it. It was my first cross-training experience and it provided me with a great learning. I had many similar experiences in my career and knowledge I gained from them proved valuable.  If you are in HR, here’s how Cross-training might help you  –

Knowledge of entire HR gamut – A very common practice now a day is segregating HR team into various internal departments. Separate team is made for recruitment  appraisals, talent management, Compensation & Benefits, Health & Safety, Payroll etc. This practice limits HR executives to their specialization. If you are being provided a chance to work in different HR roles, it will help in your overall growth as an HR.

Provides company-wide view –If you are working in payroll or MIS team, other employees might not be as familiar with you as they are with the HR staff in Recruitment or Employee Relation team.  The reason is obvious, their organization wide visibility. So get up and grab the next cross-training opportunity, it helps you gain higher visibility in your organization.

Helps building a reputation outside – With every hiring e-mail and advertisement a recruitment executive sends to prospective candidates, he builds a reputation for himself. So does a Training executive do when he is coordinating with consultants and training firms. If your job role restricts you to your team or organization, cross-training might help you to grow beyond your boundaries and build a reputation for yourself outside it.

Better understanding of other departments – As HR  is the first to be contacted when it comes to costing, budgeting, KPI meetings, hiring  and exits, knowledge of what happens where is of great help to HR guys.

Builds confidence – The worst form of fear is the fear of unknown. The more you know, the less you fear.  This is what a cross-training assignment does, it makes you confident by giving you an opportunity to learn more and know more.

Help you become an expert – Today, HR is expected to a strategic planner, a change Manager but the career path for HR is not compatible with this vision. To achieve this, HR has to work on a broader functionality and aspects. A good understanding of all business functions, Sales, Finance, Customer Service, Marketing etc helps an HR professional become and HR expert.

The benefits of cross-training are not limited to HR. A well structured cross-training offers opportunity of job enrichment and growth to employees at all positions and roles. If you take it with the right attitude, it has a lot to offer.

Good Luck for your next cross-training assignment…



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