Someone at work encourages me


We are the Millennial generation (generation Y ) employees.  We are the new buzz in the workplace; the confident and the positive breed known for our “out-of-box” thinking and “can-do” attitude. We are effective communicators, technology skilled, multi-tasking population, we are the future Managers and change makers. Our work outlook and career expectations are un-conventional and so is our motivational quotient. The old age techniques of employee motivation miss to appeal us, our requisites are different.

Flexible work arrangement

The traditional 9 to 5 office schedule is not the rule for us. We look for a dynamic work arrangement that provides opportunity to balance work, social and personal life. Flexi work schedules ,work from home opportunities and Paid time off (PTO) policies boost our morale and productivity. We tend to be loyal to employers who respect our need of work-life balance.

 We prefer Mentors over Bosses

We respect authority but our work expectations are different. We seek responsibility and involvement at work. We respect managers who can coach, guide and have sense of fairness. We feel motivates when our ideas are respected.  We are hard-working, committed and confident to meet work challenges, all we look forward is acceptance, appreciation and cooperation.

Social media friendly workplace excites us

We grew up with computer and internet. We are technology savvy and networking friendly population. We prioritize social media freedom over higher salary. We are professional in the way we carry our social media interactions and prefer to work with employers who have employee oriented social media policies. For us, social media is an extension of our professional lives.

We enjoy our work and employee-centered workplace that can fulfill our desire of innovation, progress and recognition.

What are your motivational factors?

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