Why people leave Managers?


I was recently reading a survey by David Aplin Group which highlighted that one of the major concerns of HR professionals and Managers is Employee turnover (49%).Of course , it has to be, considering the fact that the cost of replacing an employee is estimated to range from 100% to 300%  of replaced employee’s annual base compensation(SHRM webcast July 17,2012).

“People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers”- Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman have played a significant role in exposing the role of immediate supervisor /manager on employee turnover. Numerous studies and surveys validate the claim that immediate manager play a great role in influencing an employee’s decision to quit the job. Yes, it does….not everyone dares to balance a tough boss at work and never ending personal commitments.


According to Deloitte’s 4th report of Talent 2020 series (www.Deloitte.com/us/talent.) , 22 % employees look for new job because of dissatisfaction with supervisor or manager.  Apparently, there is another side of the situation which needs consideration.. One of them is employer’s responsibility while promoting or appointing someone to a role where he/she has to lead or manage people. Manager’s inability to provide recognition, non supportive behavior, assigning excess workload are the common reasons employees give as their cause of dissatisfaction. This means that their manager is short of people skill.  Conducting psychological assessment of employee while making decision on promotion and succession can help in this regard.  These assessments provide a great insight into an individual’s mental and behavioral characteristic and his capacity of dealing with those working with him. As required, customized training programs (communication, behavioral, soft-skill etc) can be arranged for employees to help them in dealing with their subordinates and team members more effectively. According to the book “First, break all rules…..” No matter how generous its pay, how renowned its training, a company that lacks great front-line managers will suffer. So it makes sense for companies to help managers to keep their employees engaged, encouraged and motivated.

A similar approach must be followed while recruiting new employees. Implementing  productive and effective method of employee selection can work wonders.  Often people are unable to efficiently deal with situations like criticism, favoritism, apathetic behavior etc. This makes them look for job change even at the slightest discomfort in their work environment. A little mentoring and training is all that’s needed to boost their confidence and morale and can make them stay .

Employee’ s Choice – My opinion about my immediate manager at my first job was that of an insensitive, tough boss. I struggled each day while working with him. When I quit, I was relaxed because I no more had to deal with him but I was soon faced with reality, my new Manager was no better. But working with him wasn’t tough because I had learned the ways of dealing with situation in a positive way…Thanks to my ex-boss, he had taught me the art of patience and assertiveness. This is what most of us do, we switch jobs hoping to find better situation, the greener pastures. But the grass is not always green on the other side, though it looks so. A little attitude adjustment can turn work place situation in our favor.

Organizations and employees share a mutually dependent relationship. Enriching and meaningful job, positive workplace culture and good pay is every employees dream. For any organization, retaining its employees is the key to success.

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