Induction and Orientation

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Employee Induction and Orientation, the words are often used synonymously though they are different in meaning and application.  Induction refers to the process of introducing a new comer to his employer/ company and work environment. An induction session, conducted on day one for a new joiner, usually through PowerPoint presentation and videos sessions lasts a few hours or day . Orientation on the other hand, is a well designed program which aims at reorganizing a new employee and making him accustomed to his department, job role and work culture. An orientation session may vary from 1 day to several days, depending on organizational and departmental requirement.

INDUCTION  An  introduction with who you are going to work for

  • Includes Company overview.

–          Mission, Vision, Values

–          History , objectives and clients

–          Business verticals , management team and hierarchy

–          Policies and dress code

–          Business conduct guidelines

  • Joining and statutory forms

ORIENTATION – Aligning  with  job role & responsibilities and work culture.

  • Includes multiple learning methods

–       Presentation and videos

–       Information sessions  and online learning

–       Workplace tour and Formal meetings with teams and departments.

  • Information of procedures and processes
  • Information of work assignment/ job, clients
  • Introduction to team members and key contacts.
  • Information about employment terms and conditions.

* The process of employee induction and orientation differs from company to company and country to country but the aim of any induction & orientation program is to facilitate smooth transition of an employee into his new workplace and making that first positive impression that helps adding a committed and motivated employee.

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