Social media Do’s and Don’ts

The impact of Social media on our professional life is no more a secret. More than just networking , these social media sites have become an active place for conducting hiring and recruiting initiatives. Why employers prefer to hire candidates from social media sites is clear from the fact that these sites highlight not just candidate’s experience but also his credibility in and around his professional circle. A very popular social networking site which is widely used by employers across Globe for hiring talent is LinkedIn.  Facebook is next in the queue but is still not too preferred by employers for the obvious reason that it is more of a personal record than professional. Despite the rising popularity of hiring through social media, employers have certain constraints when it comes to hiring candidates from social media sites. So if you are an active job seeker relying on social media like LinkedIn, these are some guidelines you must follow…

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No status updates saying “Actively looking for job”

While it is helpful to let recruiters know that you are willing to change job, such a status update make your current employer skeptical. An employer becomes doubtful of your job commitments when you have already declared your willingness to leave. Whatever is the case, it’s always good to leave a job after having another one in hand.

Apply to open positions appropriately

The best way to get job through LinkedIn is to apply for open positions advertised by employers. If the open job position exactly matches your experience and qualification, your resume uploaded on LinkedIn will be helpful. In the other case, where job specifications do not exactly match with yours, apply with an updated resume highlighting the desired skills and knowledge. It is always good to include a nice cover letter for hiring recruiter.

Never leave a recruiter’s message go un-replied.

Your inbox is often flooded with messages and mails by recruiters who share their interest in your candidature and introduce you to available open positions with them.  Even when their position is not the one you desire, take some time to reply them appreciating their effort to consider you and writing why the position doesn’t interest you. Develop a report with them so that they feel happy to come back to you with a new position.

Respect the purpose of each communication

Just because a communication is being followed and read by many does not mean than it’s an opportunity for you to advertise yourself there. Often, it is observed that if a message on LinkedIn is gaining popularity, than recruiters or job seekers add to the comments advertising themselves hoping for mass readership. Such activities gain negative criticism, no real help.

Stay away from personal updates

Professional network is not a great place to put and highlight your personal details. If you are updating your birthday, anniversary or recent vacation details on these sites, by aware than it might not be liked by many. After all, we have other social media where such personal updates are welcomed by friends and family so why not keep professional network strictly professional.

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