Tips to build positive workplace reputation.

imagesI am restating a fact with this post that – workplace reputation is critical for career development and succession planning. Whether it’s a new job or the on-going one, there is always a scope to build and improve reputation at your workplace. Though we all pay attention to the workplace etiquette,  here are some tips that help to develop a positive workplace reputation which I have observed in some successful people I have worked with.

Maintain effective people skills

While your dressing and talking define your personality, your people skills define your professional efficiency. People Skills refer to your ability to persuade and motivate people and your efficiency to deliver your message across. If you are good at working with people, your colleagues, peers and clients are likely to perceive you as dependable and reliable.

Social media networking is important

Work on establishing a significant online presence. Today, social media has become primary source of news and keeps you updated and alert. With a sound social media presence, you can win trust and confidence of your employer, co-workers and clients.

Work to establish your presence

When in professional gathering, conference or meetings, participate. These are good opportunities to make your presence felt. People are sure to notice if you have a relevant fact to state. All you need to do is – keep yourself updated and research well for the event.

Learn to be responsive.

To be responsive means to react in an appropriate manner. Responsiveness means to understand the need of the person you are dealing or interacting with. A few tips of being responsive are – respond to e-mails and phone calls without delay, plan and prepare for meetings in advance, keep your commitments, be open to new ideas.

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