Improve your performance- Workplace tips

Very often, we are faced with the challenge of Work vs Performance. While to work is a routine, to perform is a quality. From academics to professional life, performers are looked upon as the most effective and productive breed. Although each one of us thrives to perform, we are often let down by our own shortcomings and limitations.

STAR PERDuring my academic years, I was an average student. Though I was good in studies, the desire to be the best performer never hit me. And then came the decisive phase of my life, the initial job years where I was constantly under pressure to prove myself before those who were far more experienced than I was. I was able to cope up with the performance stress with a few tips that have remained with me so far. I thought of sharing them here.

Communicate – Conversation and Communication are different. While one can be busy talking, discussing and exchanging e-mails all day long, real communication is an art. E-mails, meetings or in-person discussions, remain clear, concise and relevant. A little change in your communication strategy can do wonders. Your ability to communicate effectively with your Manager, leaders, co-workers, clients and customers adds to your workplace credibility.

Know well, your job as well your company – While it is important to know your job well, knowing your organization is equally crucial. Take time to know your employer, its business and products, people at key positions, past success, plans for future, business strategy, clients and competitors. Your job expertise help you grow technically and your organization knowledge provides you better judgment, evaluation and decision-making ability.

Take responsibility – With responsibility, I mean responsibility of personal self and professional life. Take of your work, results and achievements. Learn to work without supervision and instructions, plan your work activities, prioritize your job responsibilities, practice time management, stress management, set your own deadline and expectations and meet them. An employee who is responsible for his work earns recognition and acceptance from Managers as well as employer.

Present your work –What your manager and coworker perceive of you depend a lot on how you present yourself and your work ethics. Though it is advisable not to be boastful of your skills and achievements, presenting yourself as reliable and dependable is worth the effort.

Your life gets better when you get better…

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