Why should you choose a career of your interest

Do you remember the best career advice you ever received?new image

Well for me, I don’t really remember if something like “Best career advice” ever happened to me but there’s one that has managed to stay fresh in my memory ever after years.

I started my career as an HR intern with National Fertilizers Limited (NFL), India. It’s the largest central Public sector Enterprise in fertilizers in India. During the final round of interview for the position, the Head of T&D asked me “Why do you want to work in HR”?

I was anticipating the most obvious question of all interviews “Why I wanted to work with NFL (the company)?” and had already filled myself with all accurate details for it but instead I was asked “Why I wanted to work in HR”?…. I got stuck (I wasn’t too sure till then) and somehow managed to reply – “HR really interests me and I enjoy working with people” (back then, HR was less accepted as a Business function)

He smiled at me and said “If you still want to figure out your true interest, this is the right time.”  Not sure if I was able to convince him with my interest for HR but I was selected for the position and that’s how I landed into HR.

Today, years later, I know how important it is to learn about your interest before opting for a job and if you really want go for it there’s always a right time. So, if you are leaving college, unemployed and looking for job or looking for career change, this is the right time… discover your true interest before jumping into next available position.

  • When you do something you love, success comes easier.
  • You are likely to be more productive and chances of advancement are higher when you follow your interest because learning and developing skills and qualities becomes easier.
  • Innovation comes automatically when your job /work is your interest.
  • You have richer and better personal and professional relationships (it’s fun connecting with people that share common interest)
  • You are able to maintain a better work-life balance (your job and workload won’t leave you exhausted often)

It’s always possible to find your perfect interest and niche, just decide for yourself and translate your interests into your career.

“Jobs are owned by companies, we own our career”  🙂


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