Why do we need social media based employee engagement platforms

While social media is changing the world around us, the impact is huge when it comes to Business and HR. After revolutionizing recruitment practices globally, social media is all set to improve Employee Engagement. I have been widely involved in Employee engagement activities for long and any progress in this direction appeals me.

Most organizations have already started adopting social media tools to communicate with employees and bring them under one roof irrespective of their geographical location. Newsletters, Notice Boards and E-mail communication is becoming outdated and is being replaced by more effective communication tools like LinkedIn, twitter, Google+, Jive etc. If it is about better employee communication, these tools serve the purpose effectively but for effective employee engagement, they still fail considerably. Why?…. Because communication is just one aspect of employee engagement, not the whole of it.  For a program to be effective, it must incorporate social media in all aspects of employee engagement.

The fact has been received well by organizations and HR pros worldwide and companies are designing social media based employee engagement platforms where employees can network, collaborate, communicate, ideate, innovate and engage. Some of the popular ones that I have come across are – Infosys Social Edge employee engagement, Kwench, Achievers’ – Social employee recognition & Employee Engagement, Imomentous Employee Connect . 



Leveraging social media platforms within employee engagement strategy is enabling organizations to optimize their ability to drive positive employee engagement results.

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