Secrets to workplace happiness – Tips to be happy at work

he imageThere’s nothing worse than the feeling of unhappiness at work. Showing up every day at work becomes tough if the core of you wants to run away from it. We all experience unhappiness at work at some point in our lives. There are many reasons that add to dissatisfaction at work – a tough boss,  low pay, pathetic work environment, job insecurity are just a few to name.

Let’s face it; no workplace is free from all evils. A handsome pay is often unable to compensate a jerk boss and a company that fail to recognize its employees is not worth working for.

If you are caught up in a workplace which is more of a pain than gain, what are your options?

Option A – Run away from it (without another option, bad choice)

Option B – Deal with it, depressed and complaining (till you are in it)

Option C – Deal with it, with a smile (till you are in it)

Option D –  ……………. (I am leaving this one to your choice)

My post today talks about option C, the smart way to deal with a difficult job. Of course, putting up a smile in crises doesn’t come naturally, but it become easy if you know the secret of finding happiness at work.

Secrets to be happy at work

W – Work for your boss yourself

O – Build Office support network

R – Reward and recognize yourself

K – Know your strength

The one who is really benefitted by your work and performance is you, company and boss is secondary. Work for yourself and measure your progress in terms that matter, credibility at work, technical expertise, professional development etc. Treat your current job as a stepping stone to the next one.

A monotonous work environment also becomes lively when you have friends and companions. A trusted network of friends at workplace is a proven way to beat workplace stress. Connect with people who share common interests and keep your spirits elevated at work.

Learn to appreciate your achievements, big and small. Measure your success at every step and recognize your progress and efforts. It helps to build self-confidence and skills to perform better at next assignment.

Acknowledge your strengths and utilize them towards your professional and personal success. Developing skills and interest out of your job keeps you rejuvenated and motivated. It is a promising way to boost your credibility at work and among professional network.

What is your way of dealing with unhappiness at work?


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