Tips to survive in a new job

Some months ago, my inbox and LinkedIn home page was flooded with mails and updates from a guy who was looking for a job in HR. He was a fresh college graduate and was trying hard to get a start in HR. He would send his resume to every job opportunity for fresher, advertised on LinkedIn. After a few months of struggle, he got placed with mid size recruitment consultants as a Technical recruiter. Now again, my LinkedIn home page is flooded with the job opportunities he advertises (on behalf on his firm) on BullHorn, HireRedson and other social recruiting sites.

This week, I got another e-mail from him stating that he is looking for job change and wish to apply for any opportunity in operational HR role. His resume with 5 months of experience as Technical Recruiter was also attached (too soon to look for job change).

This is the mistake many young grads do. They try hard to get into a job and then soon lose the ability to manage it and start looking in search of something better.  There can be many reasons why people start looking out for new job within months of joining money, position, skills, responsibilities are some of them. But there is another reason why people start looking for job change so soon; it’s the inability to cope up with the job pressure (common with young professionals, new to corporate world).

In such cases, the need usually is not a new job but a survival strategy to cope up with the current job pressure.  Some ways to keep up at your job are

Understand that hard work is part of work life – Running away from a job because you feel over-worked is no good reason, very new job involves a few months of hard work and sheer dedication till you prove your worth to your new employer.

Look for guidance – Responsibilities associated with new job are often challenging. If you are in doubt, look for guidance and support.  Not only within the team organization, can you look for guidance within your social circle.

Be willing to make that extra effort – When new to the corporate world, there is a lot to be learned and understood. Be willing to make that extra effort to learn about your employer, areas of operation, your job responsibilities, skills and assignments etc which will help you become an invaluable resource to your employer.

Take it easy, spare some fun time – If you are taking your new role to seriously and feel under constant pressure every time, slow down and relax. Socialize with friends and peers. Try socializing with your office colleagues too if possible. Learning and adjustment take time. Don’t burden yourself too much with the stress of work life, take it easy and things will settle with time.

Settling down into a new job takes time, from some weeks to several months. The one who is able to survive the challenges is ready for a bigger role in the corporate world.

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