Are you a clone or a contributor?

Have you ever tried evaluating your personality at work?

I was attending a seminar yesterday on “Employee Engagement & Productivity” by Marnie Green, Principal Consultant Management Education Group. One part of her presentation really caught my attention and compelled me to analyze what role do I play at work, in team and for my organization– Clone or a Contributor? If you want to know it too, let’s do it together –

To best judge yourself on these two traits, focus on your behavior patterns and the way you carry yourself at work.

contributor imageYou are a contributor if

  • You work out your own ways of doing things (not necessarily with perfection always) and don’t look upon others for solutions and directions.
  • You are innovative and known for creating new ways of doing a job.
  • At work, you are ready with solutions and suggestions instead of seeking guidance always.
  • You are not afraid of taking calculated risks and take accountability for your work.


clone imageYou are a clone if

  • You always look upon others for guidance.
  • You fear creativity and are known to follow directions.
  • You are good at accomplishing task assigned to you and that keeps you happy (you stay away from additional responsibilities and new challenges).
  • Risk is a “too big a game” for you; instead you always prefer “playing safe”.


So now that you know the characteristics, what does your self-analysis say – Are you a Clone or a Contributor?

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