Gamification and engagement – What’s in a game?

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Years ago, online gaming changed our entertainment pattern and now it is ready to revolutionize the way we work. Yes, gamification is predicted to be the next BIG THING in business . Organizations that have already started gamifying their process are witnessing positive results. Gamification is reinventing the serious business affairs of – customer service, sales promotion, marketing strategies, employee engagement and is making them entertaining, motivating and engaging.

Why is Gamification is winning as engagement and motivation tool for employees and customers? Why is it widely being preferred over existing process and methodologies? Here are a few reasons:

  •  Gamification makes goal setting transparent and exciting by attaching badges and achievements to it. Chasing smaller, measurable and achievable targets coupled with reward is fun and motivating.
  • “Playing with others is fun”  Gamification utilizes this principle at work by letting employees competing against each other virtually to earn more rewards and accomplishments
  • Gamification is no micro-managing giving more room for innovation and new ideas.
  •  Gamification makes “Reward and Recognition” more open and entertaining with points, badges and Leader boards.
  •  Gamification has replaced the traditional “spoon-fed classroom training” concept with interactive mobile apps and online tutorials that can be accessed from anywhere.

Is Gamification a “Management fad” or a “thing of future” is yet to be ascertained but the trend is captivating. There are strong benefits of gamification and it seems to have a promising future as a creative and powerful tool to engage the new age millennials.

Do you agree that Gamification is setting  the new trend in the business and workplace?



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