Add a difference to your HR meetings with a cup of coffee

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Meeting over coffee has helped great things happen. A new business, new job, new friendship, matrimonial alliance, anything can start over a cup of coffee. The tradition started years ago by budding entrepreneurs who couldn’t afford a dedicated office space soon picked up as a great socializing concept.

Yesterday when I spotted a group of people over a meeting at a coffee shop, a thought run through my mind– What if we have “meeting over coffee” tradition in workplace? Since coffee is known to stimulate mood and performance, won’t it replace the monotonous and routine pattern of HR meetings with more refreshing, reviving and positive tone? Let’s check out how a cup of coffee can revitalize HR meetings

Negotiation round with a new recruit

Try making the atmosphere at the negotiation table less tense and more casual with a cup of coffee. It will help the candidate relax and open up about his expectations and commitment level. While adding someone to your workforce, why not welcome him with a touch of positivity and comfort.

Feedback meetings

I was listening to the G+ hangout by Women 2.0 the other day where Sukhinder Singh (Founder & Chairman, JOYUS) shared an interesting view on feedback meetings. Why not invite your new recruit (and everybody in that matter), over a cup of coffee to share periodic feedback was her idea. If HR can really put this in practice, it can prove to be a powerful engagement tool.

Employee counseling

It is often advisable not to make grievance meetings very casual but doing with a difference can sometimes work wonders. The most difficult part of employee counseling is to minimize the potential conflict. A cup of coffee can set right tone of the meeting making the employee at ease and more receptive of the discussion.

Exit interviews

Why not let the departing employee leave with a positive note and help him cherish his final day on job for long. A cup of coffee can open doors for rehire and can help the employee exit without the feelings of disappointment and displeasure.

As it’s said “There is no instant gratification as instant coffee.” So next time you are in for a meeting, don’t forget your cup of coffee.  🙂

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  1. Excellent Post. Such small practices by HR can surely make a big impact. Simple gestures do make a long lasting impact on employees and prospective hires. The founder of Facebook does take prospective candidates on a walk in his campus and interviews them. This does make a positive impact. Although companies must ensure that they make the candidate or employee comfortable before meetings or interviews.

  2. I agree with you, I do add coffee difference to the exit interviews that I conduct as well as the feedback sessions… in fact we have this concept called coffee with HR taking rounds in my organization 🙂 The idea is that HR team members follow “each one, reach one” method to reach out to employees…

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