The changing face of Suggestion box

suggestion box picThe technological advancement has revived almost every aspect of workplace even the HR and employees favorite “Suggestion Box”.  The poor champ has lost its significance in the modern workplace. Once “apple of the eye” is now often seen sitting quietly at some corner…EMPTY. Its place has been taken away by the online suggestion box software which has no physical existence but still manages huge collection (suggestions).

What’s makes the online suggestion software interesting is

  • It is easy to configure and is user-friendly.
  • It offers ease of managing large number of ideas and suggestions effectively.
  • It has large connectivity and collects ideas from global workforce.
  • It is an open system where suggestions submitted by an employee can be commented, approved, liked and disliked by fellow employees.
  • It is an honest selection and decision system as each one has equal participation, nothing is done behind closed doors and among selected members.
  • It is an ongoing process, unlike the traditional system where suggestions were reviewed periodically or on set days.

Thums downDespite many benefits, the online system fails to offer the fun and curiosity of voting, counting and decision-making like that with the traditional suggestion box.

There are many online suggestion box softwares that are going popular among HR and organizations like Idea scale, Vetter , Suggestion Box , Euraka. The tradition is picking up quickly and is being liked and appreciated by employees.

Inviting employee suggestions and ideas for workplace improvement has always been an HR tradition and is one of the elementary yet effective way to make employees feel valued and heard. So, if is the “employee suggestion” culture is fading in your organization, why not try reviving it by going with ONLINE SUGGESTION BOX?

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