Social Recruiting – Join the discussion at on 3 Dec

social recruiting2One of the greatest benefits of Social Media to HR is Social Recruiting, which has revived the recruitment practices globally. From referral hiring to job portals to new age Social Hiring…. recruitment has always been an evolving field and the hiring challenges are keeping job seekers & recruiters on their toes.

Most common concerns associated with Social Hiring are :

  • For recruiters  :   How to find and attract talent on social media
  • For job seekers : How to look for right job and catch recruiter’s attention

IndiaHRLive brings the live  discussion on “Smart ways to use Social Media to get hired” answering

  • Recruiters and Hiring managers are watching what you do on social media!  What are recruiters looking for?
  • What are some techniques that recruiters use to find talent on social media?
  • What are some ways to catch the attention of recruiters before you even apply for a job

When to watch the show?
December 3, 2013 at 8 PM IST/ 9:30 AM EST/ 8:30 AM CST

Where can you watch the LIVE show?
You can watch the LIVE show at website Home Page or at its Youtube
channel during the scheduled time

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