When not to QUIT job

quit or not“I have had it enough and I really need to get out of here” .. If you have these thoughts in mind, you probably are looking for change…may be , a JOB CHANGE.

We all, at some point in life, feel saturated with our work life and feel the overwhelming urge to look for a new job. When things at work get tough, quitting the job seems like a freeing experience. Visualizing yourself saying GOODBYE to your current job and joining a new one appear exciting but the excitement won’t last long if you are leaving for no good reason.

Here are a few reasons that you must re-consider before deciding to quit

You hate your boss – If you wish to leave your job because your relationship with your Manager isn’t as great as you expected, remember – Managers change. They too leave, get promoted, and change roles. To make relationship bearable and better with your Manager, why not try re-working your communication strategy. Unless your boss a Narcissist, it isn’t impossible to work with him.

Your colleagues are moving out – Watching your colleagues and friends at work moving out is not at all a pleasant experience. It is enough to tickle your “I want to leave too” nerve. But let’s get real..this situation is going to be same everywhere, people join and leave. Your decision of staying or leaving must be yours.

You have a problem at work – Every problem has a solution, just talk it out. Sometimes the solution is just a discussion away. Don’t hesitate to communicate your concerns and expectations. Problems at work aren’t going to go with changing workplace.

You feel overworked – It’s often Time Management or inability to balance work with personal commitment that makes one feel overloaded with work. You might need to revisit your work style and reset your priorities to strike a better balance.

If you are changing job with a constructive career plan it will add to your professional growth and development. Understand your expectations and aspirations before quitting job else you might land up in the same situation again.

If you deciding to quit, quit for a good reason.

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