Absenteeism, Are we making it too casual?

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So you have a personal commitment or social engagement or may be a health reason that is keeping you away from work /office today… How do you inform your Manager?

An employee taking unscheduled leave and communicating it(almost at the last minute) via a phone call or SMS is a common workplace encounter today especially for HR and Line Managers. Although, organizations today encourage quick and open communication culture, employees’ taking even more casual approach on these matters is debatable.

  • For employees, it is quick, convenient and easy.
  • Line Managers/Supervisors accept is in an attempt to be supportive.
  • HR on the other hand is faced with the challenge of keeping the processes in place and in practice by all.

When an employee does not report at work when expected, it slows productivity. But he fails to conform to the process, it creates an environment of uncertainty and unprofessionalism. Done by one makes it doable by all.

How do you manage similar situations in your team or at workplace? Do you agree that we as employees, are getting more relaxed in our ways at work?

5 thoughts on “Absenteeism, Are we making it too casual?

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  1. yes… notifying by text has become a trend nowadays,employees find it convenient specially when they r taking casual or sick leave. Line manager needs to validate the facts when such behavior is repeated. on the flip side, why employees find it convenient to just send a text in morning..is the question to be answered by LM/supervisor. many a times employees resort to this option due to “Leave sickness” behaviour of bosses. being insensitive towards the leave request forces employees to just give lame excuses for not attending work.
    I strongly feel, taking leaves is rights of employees certainly to ensure on their part that productivity is not lost, at the same time line manager to understand the intensity of leave request and sanction it with due respect rather than any strings attached / pull him under any obligation.: )

  2. I think texting about the leave now a days is a growing acceptable trend, however, being into HR we still need to be watching the processes. Why not make our process also a little flexible and employee friendly matching to the current trends so that there is no headache 😉

    On a serious note, most of the companies have work from home policies now, so either you work from home or access your email from work and apply for leaves, how about that? At the first instance one can msg / make a phone call and then apply for leave.

    1. Hi Nupur,
      Yes, texting is the new trends.. But I really wonder that now when our HR solutions/software are easily accessible from everywhere why not utilize this flexibility to stay within the process.Just login and apply..as simple as that.

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