Are you a socialholic at work?

Socialholic imageYou are out for a team lunch and one of your colleague is constantly busy on his mobile. Oh, not phone calls, it’s probably his social network that’s keeping him engaged. How does that feel? Distracting…isn’t it? Or  you might not even notice because you are busy with yours 🙂 This is the social media age.

Online social networks have redefined the way we connect socially. Parties, shopping, meetings, chatting everything happens through social networks. When it comes to social media engagement, some have uncontrollable desire  to share every event that happens to them on social networking sites.These social media addicted people are referred to as socialholic. It is not uncommon to find such people at workplace too.

How do you  identify socialholics at work:

  • They start their work day by checking first Facebook, then twitter, then linkedin and then their work e-mails.
  • When the rest are eating, partying or  gossiping/chatting with colleagues, the socialholics are busy on their smartphones, checking & posting on social media.
  • They like,comment or share their colleague’s every social media update but have no time to meet him in  person, even if the colleague is just a cubical apart.
  • They take a picture of everything at work and post it on instagram… meeting, seminar, training, client visits, food at office cafeteria, their instagram is a clear reflection of their interesting(at least it looks like so) work life.
  • Have you ever come across someone using #hashtag in official emails? For socialholic, written communication is all about hashtags.
  • They would interrupt conversations saying “Hey, just got a Re-tweet” or ” Wait…someone just sent me a Linkedin invite”

In an attempt to stay social , we are often socializing less in person and more online today. Ever seen a true socialholic at work?

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