Today on EO List- In HR, Medium is the message

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Online social technology has become a significant part of our lives since almost a decade now but ever before the idea ever originated, it was Marshall Mcluhan who proposed the thought in his book “The medium is the massage” in 1967. He suggested that the medium through which we communicate ha an influence on the message. He wrote…

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us” ― Marshall McLuhan  click to tweet

Over the past years, social media has added new dimension to HR processes. From a facilitator’s role, HR has now walked in the board rooms. What has made this possible? …. Technology and also the way people perceive its impact.

Today I was a guest contributor on where I wrote about how medium impact the message in HR  . Click the link below to read the post

In HR, Medium is the message

Do share what has been your observation and experience on the topic.

I will wait to hear 🙂

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