Is texting the next official language?

texting image

How often do you receive a text message from an employee informing his half day plan? Or a prospective candidate checking on his application status? Or an employee asking for his leave approval ?

If you say “Never” I might doubt because most of the communication previously done on emails, phone call and in personal meeting is now moving to text. Thanks to micro-blogging platforms and instant messaging applications for making it quick & convenient.  The new age “texting” communication is creating a great influence in social dominated workplace environment today.

  • In Hiring, companies are now using job alerts to keep potential candidates informed and connected via text messages.
  • LinkedIn has introduced a feature that allows users to link their LinkedIn accounts to WeChat, an instant text, video and photo messaging service. Click here 
  • Whatsapp is popularly and widely used as internal communication tool by teams, projects and groups in many organizations.
  • Twiter, Yammer, Facebook, whatsapp are used for enabling collaboration, information sharing and instant messaging by many organizations globally.
  • Twitter is no more just a networking tool but is now being used for hiring, engaging and job distribution means.

Employers, employees and workplaces seem welcoming to the “texting trend” and looks like it will go long way but does that mean it can replace e-mails? In my opinion, absolutely not… When it is about workplace practices; security, professionalism and authority is important.

But the trend is changing …for good? Let’s see.

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