Bringing women back to work


Women and career, the topic raises my debates, discussions and opinions at every mention.  Can women have it all? Is a real work-Life balance actually possible for women? Are women really ambitious to make it BIG? … Thoughts are endless and yet we have a set of women who are breaking all biases and are making “women empowerment” a reality by being a role model for others.

Today, I was listening to a very inspiring discussion about Women at work at am proudly associated with)  and mutual consent by all during conversation was – women need flexibility and a good support system for career advancement and growth. You can watch the video here.

While flexibility is more of employer choice, support system is majorly dependent upon family and society. While organizations are now welcoming women who wish to return to work after a sabbatical many women still find is challenging to step again into the corporate world.  For women who have been on a work/ career break and want to return, there are many online forums extending coaching, networking and job opportunities like

 iRelaunch  – it’s an initiative connecting women to organizations by offering career-reentry programs, jobs, networking events, resume writing services and also helping with LinkedIn profiles.

Avtariwin – With the mantra “Flexi is the future of work” AvtarIwin connects women to part-time and time based assignments offering them flexibility at work. It’s a wonderful platform taping women potential and expertise and helping them grow.

Sheroes – Working women in India are often faced with challenges of work life balance. Sheroes is a platform that offers women opportunities for professional and personal growth. Women can find mentor, seek expert guidance and look for jobs via sheroes network.

WomenLikeUs – Based and operating from United Kingdom, at womenLikeUs, one can find advice, courses and career change options for re-entry to workforce.

So we you are woman looking to get back to work, decide and move out , there are many  willing to share their experience , expertise and references with you.

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  1. Thanks Meetu for sharing about these forums they can be very helpful for women who want to reentry in their careers after a break… after a break it become very difficult specially for women to reenter in their desired jobs…

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