When someone else steals the show

showstopper image

Why an employee would leave job is unpredictable. What made an employee look out for change or walk out of the job is revealed to HR after the decision has been made (sometimes even before) by the employee.  Not getting enough recognition is a major reason for employee dissatisfaction but what about an employee who feels that someone else claims the credit of his hard work? Being in HR , I have come across cases where employees feel tricked when a teammate or colleague walks into the project at the final stages and like a show stopper, gets the spot light on him and steals away all the appreciation.

This can be de-motivating for anyone and especially for someone who had worked really hard for this success.  This happens quite often and almost in every organization. Who is the one responsible for this situation? What can be done to avoid it? If you are the one into such a situation, you only can work towards preventing it by

Being the presenter – Some people prefer to work behind the curtains because of inhibition or lack of confidence. They lack the ability to come forward and speak about their idea, hard work or plans. As a result, the opportunity is utilized by someone else who is good at the latter. Whether it’s a presentation, seminar, project plan or anything, just get up and speak for yourself..be the presenter.

Written communication – Business or official communication is best handled via e-mails as it is about documenting every conversation for future reference. Discussing and deciding work matters over calls or in person cannot be completely avoided but the smarter way is to deal with the sensitive matters on e-mails.  With a written record, you can also prove your point later if you have to.

Avoiding over-trust – Working in isolation is not a good way and of course collaboration is key to success but sometimes we trust people with every work detail (small and big) which hurts later. No I don’t promote to work in isolation. That’s never a good idea but some secrets are better kept secret so that no one can take advantage of the information.

Involving someone else – Always keep your manager or team updated with your work status and related information. When people already know what happening, chances of anyone else fighting for the credit (if it’s not the manager himself) disappear usually.

Dealing with a credit-stealing coworker is easier if it’s taken care beforehand, getting into an argument later just worsens the situation often.

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